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Telehouse Canada Held Grand Opening Ceremony in Toronto – Contributing to Strengthening Economic Cooperation between Japan and Canada

Telehouse Canada celebrated grand opening of its first three data centres in Toronto.


Telehouse Canada launches its first three data centres in Toronto

Discover the future of Canadian connectivity with a global data centre leader expanding its ecosystem at Canada’s most critical data centres and accelerating the digital economy.


Telehouse launches new subsidiary to power Canadian digital innovation and growth

Dive in to see the future of Canadian innovation with Telehouse's expansion into Canada with three state-of-the-art data centres.


“KDDI Spherience” Launches to Boost Connected Services Solution

Discover how KDDI is revolutionizing the future of mobility by transforming the connected car experience on a global scale.


A Guide to Liquid Cooling in Data Centres

Learn more about why liquid cooling is one of the most efficient and sustainable methods of cooling in data centres.


Ahead of MWC Barcelona 2024: Pioneering Data Centre Innovations

Discover how Telehouse is driving the digital shift in in data centre technology with unparalleled efficiency, security, and sustainability.


Achieving a Sustainable Data Centre Supply Chain

Learn about the significance of choosing a colocation provider with sustainable actions at their forefront